Ilmar D&D 5th campaign home page. (Please excuses spelling and/or grammar errors.) All names are either made up or taken from another source for purely gaming reasons, please take names taken as such as that for fun. 

You reside in the kingdom of Goroth, its climate is like that of northern Mediterranean, mild with all 4 seasons. The kingdom is on a large island and controls the majority of it. The land varies, from small hills and plains to several smaller forests. Humans are the most numerus race by far by there is a decide number of Halflings in the villages as well as some elves in the outskirt. There are some Dwarves, but as they are not fans of boats they generally don’t travel much. Because of the high number of humans and some Elves there are some Half-Elves as well. It is possible there are some Dragon born, Gnome, Half-Orc, or Tiefling on the island but it is unlikely you ever have seen them. (Read page 33 in PH for how they are commonly reacted to with the exception most people have seen half-elves, even if they don’t release it since they sometimes blend in.) _(Please don’t take this to mean you CAN’T have them in your background or CAN’T be them you certainly can do both/either, it is just if you don’t write that you HAVE then you likely haven’t, they are rare.)

The Island of Goroth, which shares a name with the kingdom; has a few larger port cities on the island but mainly it contains several small villages or a few towns though out the kingdom, all self-sustaining for the most part as most villages are in this day, but never the less trade for good, of different sorts. Roads connect most of them and the ports go off the Island to the seas; because of the mild winters, other than occasional storms weather is normally not a factor. Now Pirates or other hostiles; that is another story from time to time.

To the North of the island there is a small section there is fallen to another kingdom, The Dorns, which also are to the Island to the direct North. There are also several islands both small and large around yours. A larger barren land lies to the south, known to have large areas of wild lands, goblins, large creatures etc. To the North West away across the k’rakel sea lays of the hills and mountains of the giants and Dwarven folk. East from North East to South East is full of other islands, kingdoms etc. This is where the bulk of other known Kingdoms that you interact with often.

You are in the Town of Navill under Lord Resono (Human middle age). It is a town of about 3,000 people so fairly large town. They are large farmers surrounding the area and with a river next to the town they use that for a mill and to get wood from the forest north down to the mill. The Town is about 3 day journey to the coast port of Ancona, which is also home to High Lord King Kylela.

4 months ago our High Lord King Kylela called the majority of the garrisons, warriors, and guards to arms. Once they gathered In Ancona, They journeyed east on a campaign of which to location you are not sure as… “Common folk haven’t to be bothered with these details” and they have not to return yet. Now across the kingdom of Goroth tax collectors are being attacked, farms pillaged, caravans attacked, etc. It isn’t out of control but the Kingdom is certainly now on higher alert, common folk are armed and quicker to draw…..