Ilmar D&D 5.0

We be Pirates!

Game 12

PC’s Involved
Aduia’elen Nailo
Althaea (Thia) Morwenithil
Delthor Null
Laucian Galanodel
Norian Milner

We started the day dealing with the repercussions of the fight in the tavern.
Delthor was to interrogate the prisoner’s
Aduia’elen was going to assist with the interrogation
Laucian was going to help with the tavern & then help the farmers
Norian was going to assist with the Tavern
Althaea helped with the bodies getting a proper send off

It all went sideways when 1 of the three prisoner’s jumped on Delthor’s knife, accidentally killing himself while all three of them attempted to subdue Delthor within the cell.

That forced the entrance of Emerson, the racist half-elf guard captain. For some unknown reason (I think he’s pissed because his elven father stepped out on his human mother. A truly unfortunate situation, but an unfounded reason to blame the whole of Elven kind. I may have let slip that his father was in Mangaria, after calling him Grandson. Of course, the local lord absolved Delthor of guilt of “murder”. It is, after all, impolite to arrest a man for killing a condemned criminal in self defense.

We learned that the group we were chasing after left on the Abigale ship, which set out for the Dorn port of Legato. We acquired passage on a ship called the Pasty Salsa, and journeyed towards them, in an effort & plan to overtake the ship, and board her. We were successful in boarding the ship. Although they valiantly attempted to stop us from our right & just mission of dealing with some of their passengers.

After dispatching the appropriate passengers, and learning that “Roberts” had left the town we had been in, on horseback with the chest, we were left with the gladiator who has been a gentleman in defeat.

We discovered that



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